Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Genesis: a beginning with an end

Why would a nearly seventy year old white male Catholic deacon suppose that anything he might find musable or wonderous be of interest "out there" in cyberspace? Only because some who span many age cohorts and find meaning within a diversity of "sub-cultures" that are really not so "sub" after-all, have found food for thought in dialogue with me. They have suggested that I begin to share, discern if there is a response, and move from there.

The context and subtexts of my life, out of which my musings and wondering flow, as they are for all of us, are rooted in experience; not simply raw experience, but experience mediated by meaning. (Yes, Lonergan and Gabe Moran) Theological reflection engages our on-going human interplay with glances over our shoulders at how our family of faith created religious meaning. This is done so the new meanings we are moved to create will not only sustain us, but might be worth an over-the shoulder glance by generations to come. Tradition, then, is a living process not a dictionary, an encyclopedia, nor even a catechism. We are, afterall, as Buckminster Fuller suggests, verbs not nouns.

Perhaps this suffices as a beginning: if so, why so; if not, why not? Peace, Deacon Joe


  1. Well welcome to the blog-o-sphere, Deacon Joe! I'll look forward to reading your thoughts- and dialoguing! :) I have a blog, too, and so does JC at Look forward to future postings!

  2. Dear Deacon Joe, Post more! We look forward to reading your next posts.